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Updated: April 23, 2016
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As of April, 2016, this site will no longer be active, and serves only as an archive of the previous years of the site known as Corporeal Meadows. The new site is officially located at

Please see that site for all the lastest information on Partch activities, and a whole lot more!

Harry Partch -- iconoclastic American composer, musical theorist, philosophic instrument builder, raconteur, hobo, artist -- presents unique challenges and aesthetics. This site, centering on the life and works of Partch, is maintained by people who knew him, worked with him, and are familiar with what moved him. We are one set of viewpoints, presented in a tone that we hope Harry himself would have approved: sometimes irreverent, occasionally bordering on the academic, essentially uncompromising. His beliefs, concepts and attitudes are advocated here. We are loose, but we are serious.

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News in the Partch World as of March 19, 2016

New Partch Limited Edition vinyl from New World Records!

When I get to a place to have better net connection and my usual editing tools (yes, unfortunately, I'm writing from a hospital room!), I'll place complete info and thoughts on the project. But, hey, just go get it now:"Harry Partch: a Portrait".

Updated on Corporeal Meadows as of February 29, 2012

Future Directions for Corporeal Meadows
I'm still thinking about what this site means in this day and age. When I initially put the Meadows online in 1996, there was little information about Harry available; of course, all that has changed by now. I muse occasionally about what would be of interest from the Partch Archives to put on the site, but most times draw a blank anymore. I'm still working on this so, tell me: what would you like to see for new content?

Spare time is at a premium, but I hope to have an updated Meadows before Spring is done.

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PERSONAL COPYRIGHT STATEMENT : All text information, HTML code, and sound and graphics files contained within this web site are copyright by Jonathan M. Szanto, 1996 - 2003, for the Harry Partch Foundation, excepting (1) authors specifically credited herein, and (2) any public domain graphics or source code. This material may not be re-transmitted or altered in any form, by any means, including recording or by any storage and retrieval system, without the written permission of the authors.

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