The Official Corporeal Meadows Update List
This is where we let you know what is happening . . .
Jon Szanto

This is very simple: we like humans. Humans are our friends. Humans can join the Official Corporeal Meadows Email Update List (OCMEUL) if they want to know whenever Corporeal Meadows goes through major upheavals. And they can do it just by dropping us a line at and we, every last one of us, will tell all. Only one request: when you send that mail, tell us why you are interested in Partch -- we'd like to be in the position of making fun of you.

Just kidding.

But, for real, I'll send you a short email anytime there is:

  • news of concerts or lectures
  • an announcement of a publications, recording release, or related media events
  • a change of consequence to the site; mainly addition of content
Bear in mind that since Partch has been gone a quarter of a century, you aren't going to be getting mail every week -- once or twice a month is more like it. But it's easy for me and good for you, so take advantage and send me a plea for more things to clog your in-box . . .