It finally came. The book I've been waiting for.   Even the box it came in was, inadvertantly, art.   This is the box the book came in.   Philip's book tells the story of Partch, the person.   The hard-fought, self-produced concerts...   Poster for performance of Oedipus at the Sausalito Arts Fair, 1954   ...people he met over the years...   Photo of Partch with drummer Shelley Manne and bandleader/composer Stan Kenton, 1954   ...plans for instruments...   Sketch of Kithara II, 1957   ...and collected personal documents.   List showing 15 moves in 16 years.   Partch quote: For years I've been reconciled to the very great probability that there will be no extension of my work beyond my death. If there is extension of spirit I'll be happy.   Philip Blackburn is making Partch happy.   Return to Corporeal Meadows.