photo of Kithara II
Photo by Emmett E. Smith

BUILT: 1954, at Gate 5, Sausalito, California.
SIZE: More than 7.5 feet high, to the top of the music rack; 5 feet broad at the base, tapering to 38 inches at the tops of the arms; the same width throughout, 7.25 inches. The player (or players -- one on each side) stands on a riser 16 inches high.
MATERIALS: The soundboards (string sides of each of the six resonators) are thin vertical-grain Sitka spruce. The other sides are 0.75 inch redwood. The two sides, at the bottom, are 0.25 inch redwood ply. The strings are mando-cello, guitar, tenor guitar, and banjo. Guitar tuning heads.
TONES: Twelve hexads, as in Kithara I, but with different tunings. Here, four hexads are used with 0.5 inch glass rods for stopping purposes. Played with fingers, and with celluloid and felt picks attached to the fingers at right angles.

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