17 Feb. 1974.

My dearest Phil:

I wanted to enclose some money for you in this letter but a personal check might take ten days to clear. Tomorrow, the 18th,is a national holiday and I would not have transportation to a P.O. or a bank until Tuesday anyhow.

Please phone me, Phil. [phone number followed...]. This is unlisted; information will not give it out, so please hold onto it. $1.40 from Detroit for three minutes after 5 p.m. your time--only 8 p.m. here. I don't like to put cash in a letter - you might not receive it.

$146.64 coach from Detroit to San Diego. I'll send a money order or bank check for $150 as soon as I hear from you. I'll keep the conversation brief.

I won't try to answer your beautiful letter. Too many words of explanation called for--too much labor. I do hope to see you soon, although I'm not happy about disrupting your life. If you do not like the situation after a week or two I will promise air fare back to Detroit.

Danlee is extremely busy; I'm lucky to see him once a week. At the moment I am very low, very forlorn, very lonely. But such moods must pass. After all, I am approaching the age of 73--53 years older than you, and the moods must be endured.

I am almost never away from home-walking is very difficult, and I am the only one who answers the phone.

Danlee could meet you at Lindbergh Field if he isn't busy. Could you send me a snapshot? Otherwise public transportation (buses) is amazingly good for southern California. City bus to the center of town, the Plaza, I think. Transfer to a number 11 bus, <going to Kensington. I'm in Normal Heights, just west of Kensington> get off at 33rd St., and I am about two blocks away. (Felton is next to 33rd). But if you have heavy luggage just take a taxi and I will try to keep change on hand.

Danlee and I have a recording date Sunday, the 24th, at 11 a.m. You are of course welcome to be present, but I doubt if you could arrive by then.

Oh yes, United told me that there is a student stand-by for $130, but you might not be able to qualify.

I might have a Chevy station wagon for you to drive. It is ten years old but runs well. I trust that you have an operator's permit. Because of poor vision, especially at night, I had to give up driving nine years ago.

You have an inner joy, an inner glow, that I find very attractive.

All my love to you, Phil --

I think the lady said $146.64 plus tax. I'd better send more than $150.

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