Jan. 29, l974.

Dear Phil:

Your lovely letter was received and was very much appreciated. I have developed a chronic and somewhat disabling illness (a series of small strokes) and any expression of loyalty or affection is received with gratitude.

Poor Danlee Mitchell! He has a full-time prof job, tries to take care of me, his old mother, and a family of five, and--he's supposed to be rehearsing The Bewitched for a possible tour next summer. It is all too much, and he advised me the other day that he had postponed everything until November. We all expect too much of him.

Of the Gate 5 Records, only The Wayward and Oedipus remain. I Also Bewitched but CRI has promised to bring it out very soon unexcerpted, and I would recommend that above what I could send. If I can summon the strength I will package the two and get someone to mail them. Why don't you come out and pick them up? Only 3000 miles--

Much love and peace to you also--
Your friend (I hope to be)


I shall have thoughts for you often -- all good. H

[Also included with the letter was the following...]

Important postscript, dearest Phil:

You can get CBC TV very easily in Detroit, can't you? The Dreamer That Remains a 30-miinute film about me and my work will be shown on CBC Sunday, March 24, on "World of Music." If for any reason you don't or cannot come to San Diego I thought you might like to know. The making of the film covered a solid year, March '72 to March '73, and it includes some of the last music I wrote, The Dreamer That Remains--A Study in Loving. The third section, not well represented on the film, is autobiographical, and slightly satiric. But I am slowly getting a good tape of it, which I will play for you.

Just writing to you has made me feel better

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