photo of Harmonic Canon II
Photo by Danlee Mitchell
HARMONIC CANON  I   (As rebuilt 1959)

BUILT 1945, at the University of Wisconsin. Rebuilt at the University of Illinois.
SIZE 37 inches high at the back, and 28 inches in front. The resonating box is 27 inches broad, 28 inches across the strings, and 3.5 inches deep.
MATERIALS The base and rack are Plexiglas. The resonating box, including the thin soundboards, is redwood.
TONES Two sets of 44 strings each are strung on different planes. The first set -- mostly guitar second strings -- is horizontal. The second set -- all tenor guitar first strings, dips from a high nut at the right to a lower set of tuning pegs at the left. The two sets intersect about seven inches from the right. Consequently, there is a choice of either set, or both together. The first set has guitar fourth and fifth strings on the lowest sixteen, and a Pyrex bar beneath them provides gliding tones.

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