Partch, Danlee Mitchell, and Michael Ranta
Petaluma, CA 1964

Upon returning to California from Illinois in 1962, Partch eventually settled into the abandoned Pioneer Hatchery in Petaluma, which had the advantages of 1,100 square feet of room and a very modest rent. Partch initially used the time to re-examine his composing style, as well as for long-needed repair and rebuilding of the instruments. After having to make compromises in the difficulty of his writing, due to the student performers, he determined to "concentrate on a series of duets, in which I would have complete control ... and not to record until I had the right musicians." On his first visit to the property, he "walked down the lane that led to the hatchery, and the way was strewn with petals -- roses, camelias, and many others." This sight, along with his other inspirations, led to the composing of And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma, one of Partch’s most unique creations (and a rare instrumental-only piece). In 1964, with the help of Mitchell and Ranta, he recorded substantial portions of the piece, and none too soon: by the last days, the bulldozers were demolishing the other end of the building, and Mitchell even had to ask one of the operators to stop for a while so they could complete a take. Partch left for Southern California shortly thereafter.

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