Partch being prepared for WTTW-TV special
Chicago, IL 1957

Following the March 1957 performance of The Bewitched, Partch (along with ensemble members Jack McKenzie, Danlee Mitchell, Thomas Gauger, Michael Donzella, and a small group of dancers) went to Chicago. The purpose of the trip, accompanied by some of his instruments, was to record a program for WTTW-TV featuring short excerpts from The Bewitched and an interview with the composer. Partch admitted to being "hopelessly bad" at interviews; as a result, he spent considerable time writing the texts for public engagements: various introductions to performances, articles on his music, and lectures to groups of interested parties and students. From his notes for this taping, he comments on the people and artists who donít quite fit in with the status quo: "And in such a situation a lot of insignificant people can get lost in the cracks. The lost people, and I am certain that I am one of them, fit into neither musical world. Their heads are bathed in an ancient light from a European Gothic window, while their rumps swing like miniature suspension bridges in a cool, right-angle African gale."

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